the Future
of Creation

Sony Research brings together creators and collaborators to amplify
the power of creativity
with technology

Who We Are

Research has always been at the heart of Sony.

Our inherent curiosity drives us to discover new ways to unleash and express human creativity.

We know this can’t be done alone; it requires a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration.

Our diverse team acts with purpose, dedication and transparency to Pioneer the Future of Creation.

Portrait of Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Research

A Message from Hiroaki Kitano,
Our Ceo

We are here for
creators to pioneer the future of creation

We believe creators are not just artists but researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs. Creation should be defined in the broadest sense; it can be art, science, entertainment and even sustainability.

Ultimately, we are exploring the potential of human creativity. Our role is to inspire creators with groundbreaking tools and new ways of thinking, augmenting their creativity and helping them pioneer what’s to come.

About Us

Our vibrant ecosystem of collaboration

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation, Sony Research was established in 2023 to unleash human creativity, push boundaries and move civilization forward.

In collaboration with a diverse group of partners, Sony Research is making next-generation discoveries that can be brought to life for positive impact.

Sony AI

Our Initiatives

Unleash human imagination and creativity with AI

We believe in AI that empowers the imaginations and creativity of artists, makers and creators around the world.
Our aim is to advance AI so that it augments — and works in harmony with — humans to benefit society.

We are pursuing our mission in partnership with those who have big dreams and are excited to embark on a grand challenge with us.


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Join Us

Together, let’s pioneer the future of creation. We are looking for researchers and creators to join our distributed team at Sony Research.

We are a globally diverse team from different backgrounds, all working toward the shared purpose of unleashing creativity. Learn how you can be part of our curious, passionate and agile team today.

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